Business Insurance Agent in California: Their Best 10 Great Features

10 Traits of a Good Business Insurance Agent in California 2022

Whether it is in California or in any other state, you will always find counterfeit business insurance agents whose aim is to reap where they have not sowed.

In a city like Los Angeles where the insurance rates are extremely high, many business persons will opt for cheaper options.

However, you will be surprised to know that not all cheap business insurance agents in California are genuine. That points us to the question, what are some of the traits of a good business insurance agent? Well, that’s why we are here to give you the answer.

Apart from this article helping you understand who a good business insurance agent in California is, it will be quite helpful to those people who are aspiring to be insurance agents. It will give you a prelude to the kind of traits you should be having to satisfy your clients.

Of course, selling insurance can be a lucrative job if you are smart and you are trustworthy. Nevertheless, it can be stressful especially when dealing with disappointed business people who have lost their stock and businesses to a certain risk.

In this article, we will specifically address the insurers who are looking for a business insurance agent for their startups or already established firms. So, how do you know the right one from thousands of them in California? Let’s dive in and start exploring.

Common Traits of a Good Business Insurance Agent

1. They offer satisfying customer service

Can you imagine having your business going down the drain and not having a ready business insurance agent to attend to your needs? It can be very frustrating. You know a good business insurance agent by their availability. They are there when you need them.

Besides, if you are enquiring anything from them, they should have the capacity of responding to your queries on time. I usually advise insurers to go for those business insurance agents who are available even in odd hours; I mean it is part of customer satisfaction.

2. They do a follow-up

Yes, we understand that California is huge and your insurance agent is out there looking for new clients. But one of the most common complaints that I have heard from various insurers is the abandonment they receive after they have purchased the insurance package.

Now, how do you know a great business insurance agent? He or she will continue answering your pressing questions regarding the business insurance that you have already purchased. They will not abandon you after getting you into their plan.

I consider this trait as one of the most shouting features that every insurer should check in any insurance agent. I know you could be wondering, how do I check this trait before making a purchase. It’s simple. Ask your friends and references; they are best placed in knowing the best business insurance agent in your city.

3. They Portray Great Emotional Wits

Watching your business going down is one of the most traumatizing occurrences and that’s when you need someone to offer you the support you are looking for. You will need a business insurance agent who will be there for you; I mean they can listen and sympathize with you.

Beyond empathizing with you, they should provide a solution to your current problem and push until you get your compensation. Beautifully, you can easily tell an insurance agent who is sympathetic or the one who is just looking for your premiums.

A good agent should show you the financial hope that is ahead of you even when all your hope is lost. California has thousands of great insurance agents who are willing to help you; you just need a little dig up to get them.

4. They are Honest

Honesty will always remain a virtue and in the insurance industry, this is a must-have virtue. Don’t let any business insurance agent close business on you using deceptive and unrealistic promises. We have always said, don’t remove your brains when talking with an insurance agent.

Do your research to know whether what they are saying is true or they are just playing games on you. Most insurance agents in California will say anything to have you sign the papers. Once they close the deal, you will never hear from them again.

That’s why trait number two on following you up after purchasing the insurance coverage is a good trait of showing who a good business insurance agent is. By the way, when you realize that they enrolled you using deceptive methods, you can always dump that insurance and go for another.

5. They are Knowledgeable

I mean, you don’t expect to have anything good from an insurance agent who does not even know what comprehensive business insurance covers and what it does not cover. I love someone who will tell me all I need to hear concerning the kind of insurance coverage that I am taking.

A good business insurance agent will portray knowledge of other areas besides selling insurance policies to the insured. Assuming you need home insurance, they should give you guidance on how to have one. When it comes to tax payments and legal compliant measures, they should guide you.

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Besides that, they should explain to you in detail the various services their insurance company is offering. That would include the discounts they are offering, the exemptions, and other benefits that their customers enjoy.

6. They are Friendly and Approachable

One thing that insurance agents are trained to do is to smile and present themselves as friendly and approachable as possible. The last thing you want to have is having an insurance agent who is always frowning at you each time you are asking them a question.

A good business insurance agent should be approachable in that you can ask them any question that is pressing you and they answer you in a friendly manner. I know at first when they want to close a business with you they will be very friendly.

But don’t stop there, observe how they behave after you have purchased your business insurance cover. If you observe that they have changed and become cruel and mean to you, don’t hesitate to dump the insurance company. I mean, there are thousands of them in California; so choose another one.

7. They are Certified

Do I say that it is illegal to work with an insurance agent who is not certified? Well, let me say that it is the easiest way to get yourself duped. As I previously mentioned; California is a huge state and there are people masquerading as business insurance agents with an aim of stealing people.

In such a scenario, how will you separate between the genuine and counterfeit agents? The best way still remains to have them show you their registration card or number. Then enter the number into the system and it will clearly show whether they are really certified.

The second way of dealing with uncertified insurance agents is to ask them the insurance company they are working with. After they have given you the name, call the company to ensure that you are dealing with their agent. If the company doesn’t know them, you are in for a great deception and robbery.

8. They Are Fully Qualified

They are people who are real professionals in business insurance. Those are the guys to work with not the ones who are not sure the kind of coverage your business needs. There are things that no insurance company will tell you directly; you only get them from a qualified business insurance agent.

There are reliable sources in California where you can get qualified insurance agents including the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that can help you out. The directory of insurance agents in California can also be a great resource.

A good business insurance agent is certified and qualified with mostly financial planning degrees. They should have designations like Chartered Financial Counselor, Certified Insurance Agent, and Certified Financial Planner among others. That should tell you that they are learned.

9. They Are Experienced

Although there will always be newbies in every job, it is advisable that you deal with someone who is experienced in matters related to business insurance. Some of the well-organized insurance companies in California have their insurance agents designated to handle a specific category.

Those are the best insurance companies to work with. Why? They will give you the best insurance agent who is experienced and knowledgeable to handle business insurance matters. I prefer dealing with an agent who has been in the field for over three years.

10. They Are Not Greedy

Greedy is a compound word that ranges from being mischievous to being deceptive to gain an advantage. Some insurance agents in California can be very greedy in that they will tell you what you want to hear as long as you will strike a deal with them.

Avoid those lofty business insurance agents. Some will try their best to suck money from you by telling you some coverages that do not even exist. Their goal is to have you pay more for the premiums and they end up getting higher commissions. From such, run.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right business insurance agent in California can be quite tricky and has put many insured into a dilemma. It is quite understandable and the above are some of the most basic traits that you should check in an insurance agent.

Don’t be a victim of the scams going on in the city. If you have any questions regarding business insurance agents, don’t hesitate to write to us through our email. Alternatively, just comment in the comment box below and we will gladly answer you. See you in our next article.

Originally published at on January 7, 2022.



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